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Liposuction by Dr. Tom Critchlow

before & after liposuction pictures below. Results  shown are two weeks post-op.



 Liposuction is a technique of removing areas of fat thru hallow tubes with the aid of a suction device. There are many different ways to accomplish this. At the Vein & Esthetic Centre we use microcannulas, pure tumescent anesthesia, and a Cool Touch Laser. We think these techniques give the best results in the safest manner.

SIZE MATTERS- Normal liposuction cannulas are relatively large (greater than 3mm) and allow the surgeon to remove the fat quickly. However these larger cannulas are more likely to leave depression or skin irregularities. Using smaller (less than 3 mm) microcannulas takes longer but gives a smoother and more uniform result. We think the extra time is worth it.

We use pure tumescent anesthesia, (no general anesthesia or heavy sedation) because not only is it painless during the procedure but is less tender post-operatively and is safer. (see anesthesia)

Although the bulk of our fat removal is accomplished with standard liposuction technique we use a Cool Touch Laser to occassionaly assist with fat extraction as well as skin tightening. (See Laser Assisted Lipo)

Liposuction is ideal for a patient with small areas of fat who is in relatively good health. It is not performed for weight loss but for body conturing. It is not a substitute for a good diet or exercise program, nor a cure for obesity. A patient must have a realistic expectation of results.


Estimated Cost of Liposuction (all inclusive)

Abdomen, upper, & lower-              $3500

Abdomen, lower-                           $3000

Arms-                                          $3000

Back, female-                                $3000

Breasts (male only)-                       $3000

Buttocks-                                     $3000

Chin, Cheeks, Jowls, Necks-             $3000

Flanks-                                         $3000   

Outer thighs & knees-                      $3000

Inner thighs & knees-                       $3000

Hips/Waist-                                     $3000  

Outer thighs-                                   $3000


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If more than one area can be treated at the same session, then the cost of the second area will be treated at 1/2 the cost of the second area.

Determination for doing two areas at the same session depends on the amount of fat needed to be removed in the first area.

Dr. Critchlow will make final determinations on the cost & areas to be done at each session.



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