Cape Girardeau Botox
Permanent Hair Removal

At the Vein & Esthetic Centre we have used IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for permanent hair removal for over 13 years. The light treatment targets the pigment in the hair shaft, which heats up and damages the hair follicle. The challange is to shoot enough light waves through the skin (which has pigment of it's own) into the hair shaft/follicle unit to damage it, without damaging the overlying skin. For this reason very dark skinned patients & patients with very lightly pigmented hair are not good candidates.
Each follicle becomes dormant for a while after growing a hair. When the follicle is dormant (without a hair shaft in it) the light energy does not affect it. There are many more dormant follicles than follicle with hair at any given time. For this reason it often takes 5-6 sessions before most of the hair follicle are destroyed.
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