Cape Girardeau Botox
Cape Girardeau Botox

What to expect

Initial Consultation

   At the initial consultation your medical history will be taken, particularly focusing on any prior bleeding problems, medications taken, prior weight history, and prior operations. You will then have a physical exam of the areas of concern as well as surrounding areas.

   It will be important during the visit to express your expectations, so that their can be a frank discussion of possibilities and results. You should feel free to ask questions. A properly informed person makes a better patient. Discussion will involve an explanation of any pre-operative preparation, the procedure itself, what to expect post-operatively, possible complications, and cost.

The Day of Procedure

   Upon arrival at the Vein & Esthetic Center you will be asked to sign a consent form. After a trip to the bathroom you will be asked to change into a surgical gown and taken to a room where you will be photographed and the areas to be treated will be marked.

   Next you will be taken to the Operating Room where previously marked spots on your skin will be numbed with a very small needle. Several areas will be anesthetized. Thru these numb areas a longer needle will be placed to anesthetize the fat to be removed. A large volume of fluid will carefully & slowly be injected into the area. This process can occassionally take as long as the liposuction itself. You will then need to wait 30 minutes to an hour before the liposuction begins. Off to the bathroom again.

   During the liposuction itself you might feel a back and forth sensation but should feel minimal discomfort. Often we have patients sleeping. If you do have any discomfort be sure to tell Dr. Critchlow and further anesthetizing can be given.

   After the liposuction you will be offered a snack. Absorbent pads will be placed over the area and compression garments will be placed. Then your ready to go home, but you will need a driver due to some of the medication given orally pre-operatively and the large amount of local anesthetic may cause drowsiness. After the procedure you will feel fine immediately.

Immediately Post-Op

   The tumescent technique minimizes post-operative discomfort. Because the residual local anesthesia will last for 18-36 hours, extra strength tylenol will be sufficient for any discomfort.


   The day after your surgery you will feel enough to drive and resume all moderate activities. Most people return to work 1-2 days post-op but can be a bit sore.

   You will need to wear garments for a few days to a week. You should expect some draining for 2-4 days.

   Soreness is usually worse on the second day and the gradually decreases. More discomfort and swelling may occur and increase 5-10 days after surgery. Itching and mild bruising is not uncommon. Temporary lumpiness can occur from 1-4 weeks following but almost always resolves.




Cape Girardeau Botox


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