Other Vein Problems

Other Vein Problems

Broken Capillaries

Small facial veins that are abnormally dilated are often called “broken capillaries”. These are often found on the nose, cheek, and chin. These are separate problems from rosacea, but are often seen in patients with rosacea. The exact cause of these is unknown. There are various treatments available including laser, IPL or sclerotherapy.

At The Vein & Esthetic Centre, we have the capability to inject these, treat them with IPL or treat them with a 940 or 1064 laser, depending on their size and location. Dr. Critchlow has found most often these can best be eradicated using a defocused 1064 laser. There are easily treated and can take from one to several treatments to remove.

Pelvic Congestive System (PCS)

There are a lot of reasons for a woman to have pelvic pain, but a common cause, not well appreciated, is pelvic venous congestion. This often manifests as a deep pelvic pain or pelvic heaviness that is worse just before or during the first days of a menstrual cycle, mid cycle or after sexual intercourse. This discomfort is particularly severe after long periods of standing.

PCS affects primarily young women who have children. They often have leg varicosities and have or had vulvar varicosities when they were pregnant.